Burial Transit Permit

The Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria requires that formal request letter for a waiver addressed to Honourable Minister, Federal Ministry Health and  relevant documents regarding cause of death be forwarded through the High Commission to obtain repatriation waiver before human remains/corpes are taken to Nigeria.

Items 1 to 9 are to be submitted in duplicate to the High Commission to facilitate the process.

  1. Formal request letter for a waiver addressed to The Honourable Minister, Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja. indicating the date of death, place of death, cause of death and Age.
  2. Burial Transit Permit
  3. Certification of Embalming & Preparation of Human Remains
  4. Notarized statement of the Funeral Director (stating that the casket contains only the remains of the deceased and nothing else).
  5. Medical Examiner’s Report (if applicable) if the deceased was killed
  6. Certificate for shipment of Body outside Canada
  7. Medical Certificate of death
  8. Statement of death
  9. Notarized copy of Death Certificate
  10. Certification of Vital Record regarding communicable/non communicable disease(s) - [this is to state whether or not the deceased had contagious disease.  If so, the type of disease should be stated in this document].
  11. Processing fee of $20 per document payable to the Embassy of Nigeria in form of money order only
  12. For inquiries please call (613) 236-0006 (Direct), 613 236 0521 ext: 241 and ext: 243 Email: oru@nigeriahcottawa.ca
  13. International waiver fee of five thousand naira only(#5000.00) payable to Port Health services in Nigeria.
  14. Nigerian Passport of the Deceased (in case passport is not available, the closest relative should send a notarized letter stating same).
  15. Self-Addressed return envelope (Canada priority or Express post Courier Envelope Only)