Public Notice On Video Clip Making Rounds On Social Media


          The attention of the High Commission has been drawn to a video clip making rounds on social media, giving a wrong impression that Nigerians go through a difficult and harrowing experience when they come to obtain passports and other consular-related services at the Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa.

2.       The High Commission hereby wishes to state unequivocally that the mentioned video clip purportedly shot by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in 2013 does not, in any way, reflect the current reality of the very positive experiences Nigerians have whenever they visit our office for passports and other consular-related matters.

3.       For the avoidance of doubt, our website: provides passport applicants with useful information on our operations and various services. In addition, with the passport processing structure presently in place at the High Commission, Nigerians with complete documentation are able to obtain their passports within a few hours on the same day of their visit to our office.

4.       Members of the public are, therefore, enjoined to disregard the video clip in its entirety, as the High Commission remains committed to sustaining and improving on its effective service delivery to Nigerians and all.


5.       Thank you.

Nigeria High Commission


10 December, 2017