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August 24, 2021BY Abu Susan

The Nigeria High Commission in Ottawa would like to offer our highly esteemed citizens some tips geared towards helping us serve you better.

  1. Please make arrangements to renew your passport latest six months to the expiry date. Nigerians living abroad are allowed to renew their passport twelve months to the expiry date. Starting the renewal process late creates avoidable tension for you and the employees of the Nigeria High Commission who are here to serve you. Starting the process early improves your chances of getting a favourable appointment date
  2. If you do not get the date you desire at first please keep checking, dates tend to open up but you will not know if you do not keep checking
  3. Related to # 2 above, if you decide to cancel your appointment please take the pains to go into the system and cancel your appointment, this will create an opening for someone who needs it
  4. Most of the information you require can be found on the website, which is  user friendly. When you phone in to ask for information that may be found on the website you are not helping yourself, the telephone operator or other people who are trying to call the High Commission to have issues resolved
  5. Please read the instructions on the website carefully and be sure to come  with all the necessary requirements for your appointment. This will ensure that you have a smooth and pleasant experience at the Chancery .

Please help us to serve you better!