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May 24, 2023BY Abu Susan

The memories of 2022 ASA Day Worldwide, in Canada in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture Abuja, Nigeria, continue to linger in attendees’ hearts across Canada and Winnipeg, Manitoba, where it all happened.
The rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria came alive to the admiration of all. The support from Yoruba Monarchs, Nollywood practitioners, musicians, and cultural troupes who supported the President and founder, Prince Joel Olaniyi, added colour and inclusivity to the cultural fiesta. The folklore, the dances, and the rich traditional outfits showcased the best of Nigeria. The High Commissioner of Nigeria to Canada, Adeyinka Asekun, was excited and proud of the can-do spirit of Nigerian Canadians as they continue to showcase Nigeria to Canada and the world.
Honourable Andrew Smith celebrated sharing the Yoruba heritage with the province and other cultures as one of the dividends of diversity and inclusion in Canada. And the effort to promote the art and values of Yoruba culture is expanding as the next edition coming soon promises to be richer and all-encompassing.