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January 23, 2024BY Abu Susan

Shout out to Nigerian Canadian Chef Beauty Obasuyi as she progresses in her cooking ambition quest to exceed the current Guinness World Record title for the longest cooking marathon by an individual. 38-year-old Obasuyi, the founder of Nija Jollof restaurant in Ontario, commenced the eight-day exercise live at 295A Queen St E unit 38B Brampton, Ontario, on January 10, which was meant to end on January 18, 2024. However, she took a leap of faith. She extended the exercise by 10 days extra to promote cultural diversity in culinary skills in the community and to satisfy “food enthusiasts” due to the massive support from her fans. Obasuyi has surpassed Ghanaian Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak’s cook-a-thon attempt for 227- hours of non-stop cooking, which made her the next holder of the record, after exceeding the 119 hours and 57 minutes of the holder of the current record, Irishman Alan Fisher.
Failatu had bragged about her prowess, stressing that “anyone who tried to break her record would find it difficult.” Therefore, Chef Obasuyi aims to hit an all-time high 432 hours to clinch the next title. The Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa, is proud of your strength and resilience, Chef Obasuyi! Keep the momentum going! We are rooting for you